Locate Electrical Problems Before They Get Worse

Locate Electrical Problems Before They Get Worse

Choose us as your licensed infrared technician in the Johnson County area

Do you wish you could find electrical problems early to save money on unnecessary replacements? A licensed infrared technician can find out if your electrical equipment is overheating. Trust Mathis Electrical Services, LLC for the infrared thermography services you need. Our services will make you aware of increased heat caused by faulty connections or electrical components.

Contact us today to schedule our services. We're based in Godley, TX and serve Granbury, TX and all of Johnson County.

Benefits of infrared thermography services

Infrared thermography services are a smart investment for both homeowners and business owners because:

  • You'll find out about hidden electrical issues
  • You'll greatly lower the risk of electrical fires
  • Your electrician will be able to perform targeted maintenance

We use top-of-the-line equipment to complete our work. Count on us to inspect all of the equipment on your property. To talk to a licensed infrared technician, call us today at 817-774-0315.